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Carr's Ciderhouse Cider Syrup now available at Salt & Olive

Posted on March 04, 2015 | 2 comments

Now available at Salt & Olive! As The Boston Globe says, "Sweet, with a tart zing and an undertone of caramel, the cider syrup made by Carr’s Ciderhouse in North Hadley has a single ingredient: apples. The syrup ($18.99 to $19.99 for 15.6 ounces) contains a blend of McIntosh, Golden Delicious, and Macoun, each variety adding its nuance. Cider syrup was once a New England pantry staple made from boiled-down apple cider. Carr’s owners Jonathan Carr and Nicole Blum, known for their hard ciders, have revived the regional specialty, pressing apples and then reducing the juice slowly to make small batches of syrup. Lighter than maple syrup, cider syrup can be drizzled into dressings, sprinkled on roasted vegetables, stirred into yogurt, or poured over pancakes. The flavor varies slightly seasonally, says Blum. “It’s all about the apples.”

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  • Juniper Solomon

    Are you able to send Carrs Cider Syrup to the UK? I have used for it for a few years but we missed our Autumn visit to the US as my husband broke his leg! I am now on my last bottle and would love to order 4 more. Hope that you can do this, especially as the order I gave you last was mistakenly cider vinegar which you sent it to my daughter’s address inNew York!

  • Pat Flack

    Do you ship cider syrup


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