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Liz Koch of WGBH's Craving Boston asks "What's in Your Shaker?"

Posted on November 15, 2015 | 0 comments

Harvard Square’s Salt & Olive elevates sea salts to specialty food status. Liz Koch shows us how to use them in the kitchen.

WGBH Craving Boston interviews Mary Taylor Salt and Olive about sea salts as specialty food

I am a sucker for artisanal food stores and couldn’t resist popping into Harvard Square’s Salt & Olive on my way to dinner last summer. Three months later, I have developed a healthy obsession with their Toasted Onion Sea Salt and put it on everything. Whether it’s in a rub for flank steaks, sprinkled on top of avocado BLTs, or stirred into a meaty Bolognese, this salt is my go-to ingredient. It adds just the right amount of ...


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