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Sea Salt of the Month Club

$ 69.95
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Sea salt is at the core of what we are at Salt & Olive: it can balance and enhance, adding incredible flavor and zest to both sweet and savory dishes.

Give the chef in your circle these single-origin and infused salts from around the world. They’ll deepen, heighten and otherwise enhance any protein, vegetable, cocktail or dessert!


Here’s how the subscription works:

Every month for the length of the subscription we deliver a curated collection of sea salts and/or infused salts designed to enhance a favorite meal or joyful occasion.

Choose 3- or 6-month subscriptions.

Included each month:

The recipient will receive three single-source and/or infused/flavored sea salts from around the world (2.75 oz. by volume). We'll outline where the salts were harvested and the stories behind each. 

We’ll also include recipes designed especially for that month’s flavors, pairing suggestions, and other creative ideas to add to their culinary repertoire. Each salt comes in a decorative jar that can be used for years after.

Shipments are sent from Cambridge, Massachusetts during the second week of the month.

All prices include shipping via UPS in the continental United States.

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