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Cocktail Lover's Salt & Single Mill Gift Set

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Want to bring creative inspiration to your next party? We’ve combined these savory, smoky and spicy salts for your next cocktail mixing event. 

Applewood Smoked Sea Salt: This smoked, flaky blend uses sweet applewood to fuel the fires that flavor this naturally-smoked salt. Aged applewood creates a delicious, savory flavor that is mild enough to use with any cocktail, and is especially great with tequila, bourbon and smoky whiskeys. Also great on eggs or any meat or fish.

4 oz by volume 

Bloody Mary Sea Salt: Seasoned with spices and a mild chile, this is a great complement for its name-sake. Also adds a lovely edge to margaritas! It can be your secret spice on nuts, any protein, rice and potatoes, corn on the cob and popcorn. Contains: black pepper, celery seed, paprika, garlic, cayenne.

4 oz by volume

Lemon Flake Salt: Hand harvested from the Mediterranean, these large and savory crystals provide a wonderful crunch, with a bright and pungent lemon juice flavor. It’s a natural for margaritas, Bloody Mary’s or whiskey sours. Try on the rim of your favorite beer for a bright kick!

4 oz by volume

Maine Eggemoggin: Hand-made from the pristine currents of the Eggemoggin Reach off Deer Isle, Maine, this crumbly and moist sea salt is fire-evaporated, then baked over a low heat. It’s a bright, white and fast evaporating salt which makes it an excellent choice for the rim of most any drink.

4 oz by volume

Reflex Stainless Single Mill Grinder: Want the perfect salt texture or grain size for the rim of your glass, or to add to your cocktail recipe? This compact grinder is a must-have for any bar or table. Effortless, one-handed grinding of salt (or pepper) makes this easy and quick to use. Made with a stainless steel body.

(Martini glass not included.)

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