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Popcorn Lover's Dream Gift Set

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Combining savory and salty, we’ve pulled together our absolute favorite tastes for popcorn afficionados. 

Butter-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil (200 ml): This creamy olive oil is all natural, vegan and dairy free. Use anywhere you use butter; as you know, we love it on popcorn! Use for baking, over fish, pasta, potatoes or pancakes. Delicious with garlic on a fresh baguette. 

Buttery Popcorn Salt: A blend from our friends at the Bitterman Salt Co., this savory blend is perfect not only for popcorn, but also eggs, corn on the cob — almost anything you’d use butter and salt for! Contains: sea salt, cream, buttermilk powder, green onion, yeast, garlic and spices.

4 oz by volume

Blue Cheese Sea Salt: From Vancouver, Canada, this sea salt is a natural pairing with popcorn, red meat, salad greens, or tomatoes. Actual chunks of blue cheese are added during the evaporation process, making this a perfect finishing salt when you want a subtle layer of umami flavor.

4 oz by volume

Sriracha Sea Salt
: The tangy heat of sun-ripened chilis infused with all-natural flake sea salt. Adds a great crunch and mild heat to your popcorn, as well as soups, sauces, pizza — or use it to rim your Bloody Mary glass!

4 oz by volume

(Popcorn not included.)

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