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Oil/Balsamic of the Month Clubs

One of our best-selling gifts! Every month for the length of your subscription, we deliver a specially curated collection of Salt & Olive gourmet extra virgin olive oils and/or balsamics designed to delight anyone who loves to cook — and especially those who love to explore new culinary territory.

And we deliver more to their door. Beyond the exquisite oils and balsamics, each month’s delivery includes the story behind the products, delicious recipes to make the most of the ingredients, pairing suggestions and other creative ideas to make memorable meals that become part of the home chef’s repertoire.

Plus! Each delivery will include fun surprises to take the experience further. A complementary weighted pour spout, or a salt, spice, or oil or balsamic sampler that’s perfect for the enclosed recipe.

Choose from three collection options for 3- or 6-month subscriptions. It’ll be a new discovery every month! (Of course, ordering a subscription for yourself is also an option. We’re here for you.)

Delivery is included in the cost of the subscription!

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