Fresh oils, vinegars, artisan salts, spices and teas 

About Salt & Olive


At our house, we always seem to gather in the kitchen. And if you’re reading this, I bet you are just like us. Sit in the nice living room? Nah. Head down to the Boston sports-friendly basement? Nope.

Our perfect day is exploring new recipes and favorite foods, shopping for the perfect in-season fruits and vegetables, discovering new spices and finishing ingredients, and then spending all day in the kitchen enjoying the aromas wafting from pots, pans and oven.  And what could be better than that?  Why, sharing your creations with friends, family and fellow food lovers, of course.

We do have a mantra:

What that means is ingredients that are fresh, local, and organic, and a space that supports sustainability.

It’s pretty simple: we love food. It’s a 24/7 thing.  We love talking about it, preparing it, eating it and then talking about what we are going to make next.

And that’s where Salt & Olive begins.

We created Salt & Olive as a way to share our food obsession — and to hear about yours. Perhaps introduce you to choices and flavors you’ll find creative and exciting. We revel in being a small part of your next culinary triumph (or simple joy), and our mission is to offer you fresh and delicious ingredients to transform the way you experience food.

We source both Northern and Southern Hemisphere Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils that have no preservatives, additives or chemicals.  That means there is always a fresh harvest in the store.  We have Balsamic and Flavored Vinegars for tastings, along with naturally harvested and produced Artisan Salts, and Organic Spices and Teas that represent that world's palate — and are New England-sourced.

We've developed relationships with each partner we feature. They are artisan vendors who create food simply for the joy it brings them and us.


Events, Lectures & Classes


In addition to sharing our specialty foods with you, we'll host events, guest lectures, and classes, and we look forward simply to sharing our learnings: how to taste fresh olive oils and vinegars, how to cook with specific ingredients, creative food pairings;, and more.

We invite you to share with our growing community. Come to Salt & Olive, where we're bound to ask: What will you make?



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