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Learn about sea salts and infused salts

We love the delicious difference an artisanal sea salt can make in our cooking, and the way a bright sea salt can enhance any dish.  Salt & Olive carries sea salts from all over the world; from the waters of Hawaii and Bali, Achill Island (Ireland), the Mediterranean Sea…and even Martha’s Vineyard.  Each harvested sea salt features its own unique flavor profile and texture . 

Why use sea salt versus every day table salt? It’s not just the taste; it's also about your health.  While trace minerals are no longer as plentiful in the foods that we eat, they exist in the mineral-rich ocean waters of the earth – where sea salt is created.

We feature cooking and finishing salts, as well as savory flavor infusions that will add just the right amount of flavor enhancement to your dishes.  Once you enjoy fresh sea salts, we don’t think you’ll ever go back to regular old table salt…

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