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Sea Salts

Featured: Achill Island Sea Salt from  County Mayo, Ireland

Salt & Olive is the exclusive U.S. distributor of this clean and bright Irish sea salt. Harvested from the wild Atlantic waters of Keel Bay, Achill Island on the west coast of Ireland, this crisp and light sea salt is the perfect complement for both cooking and finishing.


Why use sea salt versus every day table salt? Mainly, it's the taste. Artisanal salts add texture and depth to dishes.  But it's also about your health.  As we say at Salt & Olive, it’s not salt that is bad for you, it’s what is ADDED to commercial salt that is bad for you.

Most salts on today’s tables have additives, like iodine, or caking agents, that can add an off flavor to foods, and unhealthy chemicals to your system.

The salts that we carry have no additives, and no preservatives like anti-caking agents, or iodine – the ingredients that most store-bought, refined salts include. The majority of the sodium that most people eat comes from processed foods like deli meats, soups, baked goods, cheese and fast foods. Only a shockingly low 11% of your sodium intake comes from adding salt to a meal – the rest comes from processed foods.


Many seas. Many salts. All waiting to be discovered. 

Cooking & Finishing Salts
Achill Island Irish Sea Salt
Alea Hawaiian Sea Salt
Ancient Ocean Himalayan Pink Salt (small grain)
Ancient Ocean Himalayan Pink Salt (course grain)
Cyprus Black Lava Sea Salt
Fleur de Sel
Flower of Bali
Fumée de Salt
Halen Mon White Sea Salt
Hiwa Kai Hawaiian Lava Salt
Kala Namak Indian Black Salt
Martha's Vineyard Finishing Salt
Pacific Blue Kosher Salt
Sel Gris Celtic Grey Sea Salt
Sonoma Sea Salt (coarse grain)

Flavor-Infused Sea Salts
Blue Cheese Sea Salt
Chipotle Sea Salt
Durango Hickory Smoked Sea Salt
El Dorado® Mesquite Smoked Sea Salt
Espresso Sea Salt
Jalapeno Sea Salt
Roasted Garlic Sea Salt
Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt
Sriracha Sea Salt
Sun-ripened Tomato Sea Salt
Thai Ginger Sea Salt
Toasted Onion Sea Salt
White Truffle Sea Salt

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