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The Mural

A tavola non si invecchia


by David Fichter
5 ft x 14 ft, acrylic on canvas


The Italian adage "a tavola non si invecchia" ("at the table, one does not grow old") serves as the premise of a new mural by renowned Cambridge artist David Fichter and commissioned by Salt & Olive Market. It is what Salt & Olive was built upon: We believe that food brings people together. Created in 2019, the work is particularly resonant in this time of political divide in our country.

The mural is also a tribute to the diversity and grand history of Cambridge and Harvard Square. It features luminaries past and present including Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Harriet Jacobs, Julia Child, Joyce Chen, Denise Simmons, Josefina Yanguas, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., The Brass Sisters, and Denise Jillson.

There are also nods to cherished businesses and the unique character of The Square: The Hong Kong, Curious George, Mr. Bartley’s, Out of Town News, The Grolier, Harvard Book Store, The Brattle … and don’t forget Dewey, Cheatem and Howe!

Salt & Olive Market is honored to be part of the Harvard Square community and its proud past, present, and future.






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