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Aged Balsamic of the Month Club

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About the Club

As Champagne can only be called Champagne if it comes from that region, Balsamics can only carry the name if it comes from one of two places in the world: Modena or Emilia Reggia, Italy. We source our aged balsamics directly from Modena, Italy, made 100% from the Trebbiano grape. Created the same way since the Middle Ages, true balsamic is viscous, creamy and delightful - with versatility that can complement both sweet and savory.

How the Aged Balsamic of the Month Club Works

If you appreciate the taste of balsamic, or know someone who loves not only the taste but the health benefits inherent in balsamic, then our Balsamic of the Month club is for you. We send one 375 ml bottle of either an 18-year aged dark balsamic, or a savory white balsamic for the length of your subscription. Along with the bottle, we provide a history of this nectar, along with pairing suggestions and recipes, as well as other fun surprises including (but not limited to): weighted pour spout for your oil or balsamic; a complementary salt, spice or oil/balsamic sampler to use in one of the enclosed recipes!

Shipping within the continental U.S. is included in the purchase price.

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