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Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Aged Balsamic Pairing of the Month Club

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About the Club

What's more delicious than a savory herb olive oil paired with a sweet aged balsamic? Or a single varietal extra virgin olive oil joined with a classic white balsamic - creating the perfect vinaigrette? On just about any food, a great pairing can make almost any dish a savory joy. 

How the Pairing of the Month Club Works

If you or someone you know appreciates the creative symbiosis of oils and balsamics, then this is the club for you. Once a month, our curators will send you a seasonal combination of a fresh extra virgin olive oil paired with an aged balsamic. Use them to create the perfect salad dressing, a lovely accompaniment to fruit, or a topping for steak or chicken. The possibilities are endless. Along with one 375 ml bottle each of delicious and savory oil and balsamic, we'll send you information on when and where the olive oil was harvested, information on the particular olive varietal, how the balsamic was made and aged, hints on how to pair the two products together, as well as recipe suggestions to use the paired olive oil and aged balsamic. 

Shipping within the continental U.S. is included in the purchase price.

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