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Spicy Spice! Sampler

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For the spice lover in your world. Aleppo Pepper, Organic Chipotle 35K H.U. Chili Peppers, North African Harissa Rub, and Mediterranean Seafood Rub. Spicy!!

Aleppo Pepper- Also known as Halaby Pepper, Aleppo has a moderate heat and a high oil content that doesn’t overpower its fruitiness.  It has a deliciously deep, aromatic flavor and is a wonderful substitute for traditional chili flakes.

2 oz by volume/1.3 oz by weight

Chipotle Chili Powder - Chipotle peppers are a jalapeno pepper that has been smoke dried in pecan wood. You can sprinkle a bit into your favorite barbecue sauce, especially one that features a sweet taste, to balance the flavors and make both of them more exciting together. It's often a key ingredient in a barbecue rub for grilled steaks, chops and other cuts of meat. You can also use it in a ketchup-based marinade for chicken, combine it with cubed chicken and spicy cheese as part of a chicken salad dish, or add to condiments like mayonnaise or ketchup to spice them up.

2 oz by volume/1.5 oz by weight

Harissa Rub – Our fiery Harissa rub hails from North Africa and is a staple of Tunisian cuisine. Mix with Olive Oil and a little water to make a thick paste and use as a condiment, or unmixed as a seasoning for meats, stews, and couscous. Try blending with plain white yogurt and use as a dip or spread for sandwiches. Contains: Paprika, Sea Salt, Cumin Seed, Smoked Paprika, Garlic, Cassia Cinnamon, Chile Peppers, Caraway Seed, Coriander Seed, Lemon Peel, Spearmint, and Bird’s Eye Chiles.

2 oz by volume/1.5 oz by weight

Mediterranean Seafood Rub - This warm blend of traditional spices from the Mediterranean is ideal for both seafood and vegetables.

2 oz by volume/.9 oz by weight


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